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Our Christian value for this half term is Generosity.
Have a lovely half term break and we will see you back at Malvern Wells on Monday 4th November.

YV 2019 Backing Tracks

01 Thank You For The Days.wma

02 Moana Mashup.wma

03 Fight Song (Chorus Only).wma

04 A Little Can Change Our World.wma

05 Any Dream Will Do.wma

06 An American Folk Odyssey.wma

07 Its A Swing Thing.wma

08 You Gotta Be - Chorus.wma

09 You Gotta Be - Final Section.wma

10 We Are The World.wma

11 Viva La Vida.wma

12 Tonight Belongs To Us (Chorus Only).wma

13 Pop Melody.wma

14 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt1.wma

15 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt2.wma

16 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt3.wma