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Our Christian value for this half term is Compassion.

Birmingham Museum Trip Spring 2017

Birmingham Museum

Class 3 were transported back to Ancient Egyptian times when they visited the Birmingham Museum earlier this term. They learned about the gruesome process involved with mummifying a Pharaoh and even had the opportunity to remove body parts from the fake Pharaoh and place the important organs in a canopic jar. They became detectives and looked at a range of artefacts from the era and had to discuss what they thought the object was and what it was used for. After the two workshops, the children had the opportunity to visit the gallery and see some real mummies. Amongst many mummies, there was a mummified person, crocodile and a cat! The children had a wonderful time, learnt lots and came back to school with lots of ideas and inspiration to use in their writing and in their topic lessons. Everyone displayed exemplary behaviour and were a credit to the school. 

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