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Week 13 wb 13.07.20

A heart felt message to you from us at the end of this year….

Dear Class 1

At the beginning of this year, you entered your classroom with a world of possibilities before you. You watched, you waited, you talked, you listened, you learnt. You sat on the carpet, you made new friends, you tried to zip up your coat, you put on your wellies. We played inside, we played outside, we got to know each other in the best way and, like a flower in the first light of the springtime sunshine, you began to bloom.

We had our Christmas play, we started Read Write Inc, we did more learning, more investigating and we were inspired by amazing people. We stepped further into who we are as people, as learners and as friends.

We prayed, we played, we learnt together.


Then something happened, something we could never have predicted. A nasty germ came into our world and changed the way we do things. We closed schools and shops and parks, we couldn’t see our friends or our families and we waited at home, playing, still learning but waiting for things to change. We have washed our hands, we have clapped for our carers, we have painted rainbows and we have spent time with our closest family at home.


Class 1, we are sorry that you have spent much of your summer term at your house. We are sorry that our journey together has been cut short. But we want to say that we are so proud of you all. We are so proud of everything you have achieved this year and who you all are now at the end of the year. Each one of you have contributed something wonderful and special to our class and each of you have made amazing progress and worked hard this year. You all have your own individual talents and skills, you all have your own personalities and ways of learning. You all have something wonderful to give this world, a world that has never been so precious to us all.


So thank you for all the laughs, all the love and all the learning we have done together this year. We are such a proud team. We hope that we can all see each other again soon.


Mrs Alford, Mrs Hernandez, Mrs King, Mrs Adams and Mrs Forsyth