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Welcome to the Governors' page of the Malvern Wells CE Primary School website.  This page provides you with an overview of the role of the Governing Body and provides you with information about our Governors.

We are all volunteers and we give our time up because we are all passionate about doing the best we can to ensure Malvern Wells enables all pupils to reach their potential. We are strongly focussed on improving children’s education, attainment and progress.   


We operate strategically with the day to day running of the school being the responsibility of the headteacher, Mrs Alford.  A Governing Body is often referred to as being a critical friend to the school and that is an important part of our role - we provide support and challenge to Mrs Alford and her team of teachers.  Collectively the Governing Body is responsible for:


•  helping to set the vision of Malvern Wells, its values and aims; 
•  ensuring the school’s finances are properly managed; 
•  agreeing the policies and procedures that govern how the school operates; and 
•  monitoring and evaluating the progress of pupils at Malvern Wells.


The Governing Body is supported by a Clerk who ensures we are meeting our statutory duties; that our meetings are organised and that information is shared so that we keep up to date with national and local changes.


We have three committees that meet at least once a term term.  These are the Teaching, Learning and Standards Committee, The Statutory Duties and Policies Committee and the SIAMS committee. Each committee has a Chair and Vice-Chair and takes a closer look at their designated areas of responsibility.  They make recommendations to the full governing body.

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