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Class 4

Llanrug 2016 Awards


"Thumbs Up" award for positivity - Max Bunyan

Photo-bomber award - Emily Morrison

Helping hand award - Oliver Clarke

Raconteur award - Beulah Hurst

Mountain goat award - Adam Seabrook

Frantic paddler award - Audrey Hurst

Beachcomber award - Oscar Hartland

Health and Safety award - Hope O'Donnell

Belly flop award - Otis Caveny

Lip sync award - Hattie Nions

Skim-king award - Tom Pryce Jones

Good spirits award - Georgie Warner

Sound of Music award - Henry Halford

Lion heart award for bravery - Megan Williams

Sandwich artist award - Charlie Halford

Spiderman award - Sophie Wharton

Bed maker of the week award - Harrison Fellows

Cool headed leader award - Hannah Thomas

"In the Store" award - Mani Gummerson and Harley Green

Dare-devil climber award - Romilly Hatcher-Wilkins

Blinking Marvellous award - Mia Smith

Lion heart award for bravery - Jadzia Cashmore


Llanrug Day 1 - Slate quarry walk followed by evening orienteering by the lake

SATs Preparation


If you would like any extra help in preparation for the KS2 SATs then below are links to the Government released sample SATs papers. Due to the new curriculum and new assessment standards, there is not a large bank of past papers online to work from as there has been in previous years. Whilst working on past papers from pre-2014 is still a worthwhile activity they are not tailored to the new assessment standards. The government have released one of each (Reading, SPaG and Maths) for teachers, parents and children to use for preparation from the tests and are as close to what this year's test will look like as possible. 


Whilst practicing for the SATs is important, so is making sure you are relaxed and ready for the tests. So, don't work too hard and have a nice relaxing weekend so you feel ready to come in to school on Monday, relaxed and prepared to sit the tests.

Class 4 Evacuation

Still image for this video
A short video of Class 4's evacuation to Bewdley Museum last term.

Llanrug Information