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Welcome back! We have lots of exciting activities planned for the Autumn Term!
Places available in Reception for September 2019 - do get in touch for more details 01684-561179.

YV 2019 Backing track with vocals

01 Thank You For The Days.wma

02 Moana Mashup.wma

03 Fight Song (Chorus Only).wma

04 A Little Can Change Our World.wma

05 Any Dream Will Do.wma

06 An American Folk Odyssey.wma

07 Its A Swing Thing.wma

08 You Gotta Be - Chorus.wma

09 You Gotta Be - Final Section.wma

10 We Are The World.wma

11 Viva La Vida.wma

12 Tonight Belongs To Us (Chorus Only).wma

13 Pop Melody.wma

14 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt1.wma

15 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt2.wma

16 The Greatest Showman - Finale Pt3.wma