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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader at Malvern Wells.

A Guide for Parents.


What is Accelerated Reader?

  • A powerful tool to monitor and manage independent reading and home reading after Read Write Inc
  • A system that combines assessment, producing a reading score and breadth, with a wide range of books ensuring all children can read broadly within their ability.

What are the benefits of Accelerated Reader?

  • Provides children with opportunity to grow and develop reading skill and pleasure
  • Gives children independence to select their own books from a centralised but banded area
  • Motivates children to read for pleasure
  • Specific to children’s individual reading attainment and links directly with the National Curriculum

Why change our reading system?

  • We are committed to ensuring all children have every opportunity to learn to love reading
  • It strengthens teacher and parent monitoring and evaluation to move children forward in their reading whilst ensuring they are able to read a wide range of texts at their ability.

How does it work?

  • Children complete the STAR reading test at school
  • This gives them a Zone of Proximal Development (this is the zone within which children will make the most progress and provide optimal growth without frustration) e.g. 3.4-5.1
  • The higher the decimal score the harder the book – old banding systems are gone and do not correlate
  • Children select a book (at first at the lower end of their ZPD to begin to develop fluency and build on challenge and previous skills) – read it
  • School and parents support and encourage the reading of the book regularly and discuss the books
  • Ideally, a quiz will be taken at home 24-48 hours after they complete the book
  • Analyse their score (child/teacher/parent) and make decisions about the next book – 80% or above
  • Return book back and select new book within decimal bracket

How can you help at home?

  • Reading at home at least 5 days a week for  10-20 minutes (listening to your child where age appropriate)
  • Talk to your child about their book and develop their understanding
  • Sign their diary to acknowledge that they have read every day
  • Ensure your child carries out the quizzes for most books they read
  • Ensuring children bring books back to school in good condition
  • Talk to your child/children about books – your own preferences and, when possible, let them see you as a reader.


Our unique Accelerated Reader website is:


Your child has logged on to our website and completed their baseline assessment. Their log in details are in the front of their reading diaries.