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Afternoon Activities for all

Tuesday 20th October



Hello Class 3, 

At this time of year in school we think about what we are thankful for at Harvest time.

During this week we would usually visit church for our Harvest service. Please write either a prayer or a poem which would be suitable for a Harvest service which we can hold in class on our return to school.


You can look online for inspiration or make up your own. Please then write out your work in your best handwriting to make up for missed handwriting sessions in class this week. If you so wish you could decorate around your work with suitable illustrations. 

I look forward to reading your creations and seeing your work beautifully presented.

Many thanks,



Mrs Dainty

Wednesday 21st October



We have been looking at climate around our world. Can you label all the continents? Can you match the descriptions cards to the correct climate? Look more closely at climate zones. 

Thursday 22nd October


As you know we are coming to the end of our 'Living things and their habitats' unit in science and I would like you to complete a non-chronological report on an endangered animal of your choice.


You can choose how to present you report, you could hand write it on paper and bring it in after half term, you could write it on a word document or a powerpoint and e-mail it to me at [email protected], it's up to you.


You have all started some notes on an endangered species of your choice in your jotters which we were going to use to help us with our report but those are obviously at school, so you can continue with the animal you started in school or choose a new animal. 


I look forward to reading your reports. 



Friday 23rd October


In computing we have been looking at input and output devices. 

Look at the powerpoint to remind you what we have learnt and then complete the task sheet.