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History Curriculum Vision

The Malvern Wells aim is to improve life chances for all individuals and nurture the potential for the brightest future in all areas of the curriculum. All our learning is rooted in our 4 core values of courage, commitment, compassion and community and we want to see all children LET THEIR LIGHT SHINE as Historians.


As a school, we aim to inspire the children to know more about the past so that they can come to understand their place in the world. We impress upon them the importance of understanding Britain's past and that of the wider world so that they connect stories from the past to inform challenges within their futures. This includes how key events and people/aspects of the past have shaped our every day life.



As a Historian our Children will:


Interpret History through Sources/Artefacts: Children will explore a variety of primary & secondary sources and be able to construct informed responses by thoughtfully selecting and organising relevant historical information. 


Understand Chronology: Children will understand where events fit in to a chronological timeline, including where they overlap. Every class will have a working timeline with prior learning added at the start of the year. New events will be added throughout the year when taught with expanded timelines to show the added detail.


Identify Similarity, difference and significance: Children will leave primary school knowing key significant individuals and events from Britain and the wider world’s past. They will know about the achievements of at least one early civilisation and understand its significance in history. They will compare and contrast aspects of life across different periods and across different cultures.


Continuity and Change: Children will understand how some things stay the same over time and how other things change. Through studies of different settlements, they will recognise how they have changed over time, identifying what has stayed the same and what is different. They will be able to compare how settlements developed in different ways and identify the significance of this on our world today.


Cause and Consequence: Children will know key British, European and World conflicts and how this has had an impact on Britain and the wider world. They will understand that the causes and consequences of conflicts may be different but their impact is all around us and has affected us all on different scales, many which are relevant to them and their families.