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School Development Priorities

At Malvern Wells CE Primary School, we are committed to improving to ensure that we provide an excellent education for the children in our school.

As a result of rigorous self-evaluation, the following school improvement priorities have been set for the academic year 2020-2021.   

Underpinning all these priorities will be a 'Recovery Curriculum' to address gaps in learning and experience that may have arisen as a result of Covid-19.





Priorities for Development

Priority 1





a. To ensure all leaders are highly effective in their roles by innovating, leading best practice and are able to demonstrate         sustained impact:

i. To support senior leaders to be equipped with skills to be fully effective in their roles.

ii. To develop subject leadership.

iii. To provide regular opportunities for collaborative monitoring and evaluation to ensure consistency of approach.

iv. To support all members of the governing body with their role ensuring appropriate induction for new members

v. Introduce innovative ways of delivering Collective Worship during COVID 19 restrictions.

vi. School leaders effectively manage staff well-being allowing a strengthening of the quality of the workforce

Priority 2


Quality of Education

a. To ensure the quality of teaching and learning is at least good with increasing proportions of outstanding which is built         on secure pedagogical subject knowledge to continually meet the needs of all learners by:

i. Ensuring school curriculum maps are regularly reviewed and adapted in light of COVID-19 school closure period.

ii. To use baseline assessment to inform teacher planning and enable us to measure the impact of the recovery curriculum and pupil outcomes.

iii. To ensure marking and feedback has high impact to ensure rapid progress is made by all learners.

iv. To ensure high quality RE teaching across all year groups.

b. To accelerate progress for all groups of learners including:

i. Progress of groups by prior attainment

ii. Progress for pupils with SEND

iii. Progress and attainment of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding

iv. Progress and attainment of EAL learners

c. To ensure the teaching of English is prioritised, rigorous and consistent across the school with all children reading and          writing with accuracy, fluency and enjoyment.

i. To embed the consistency of the teaching of Read, Write Inc Phonics across Early Years and Key Stage 1 so that 90% pass Phonics Screening Check at the end of Y2.

ii. To ensure that the majority of children in KS1 make rapid progress from their individual starting points in reading.

iii. To increase the quantity and consistency of reading that children are engaged in at school and at home through Accelerated Reader

iv. To embed the consistency of teaching of writing using Malvern Wells planning formats so that more children’s achievement is at least in line with National

d. To ensure our curriculum provides appropriate stretch and challenge that meets the needs of all learners, particularly           for the most able pupils, flourishing as individuals

i. To ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of progression in core subjects across year groups.

ii. Staff are differentiating and delivering quality first teaching to meet the needs of all learners

iii. To ensure children make accelerated progress across the curriculum in light of COVID restrictions.

iv. Teachers provide consistent challenge for all pupils, not just high achieving pupils.

Priority 3


Personal   Development

a. To enable all children to understand, clearly articulate and live the school’s values firmly rooted in our distinctive                     Christian ethos, preparing all for life in modern Britain.

i. To embed school vision into everyday school life.

ii. Key stakeholders can articulate the school’s distinctive Christian vision.

iii. Children have a positive impact on the community - living the school’s distinctive Christian vision.

iv. Children are provided with approaches to support their mental and physical well-being.

v. PSHE curriculum taught well across the school.