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Music Intent

We strive to ensure our children develop a deep love of learning through our music curriculum, where they are able to immerse themselves in music, making it a key aspect of their learning journey.


Through our music curriculum we strive to cultivate a real enjoyment and enthusiasm off learning through music and aim to deliver high quality music teaching, supporting and encouraging all children to achieve their full potential. Our children are taught music through the Charanga Program and it is done in a way that follows a sequence to build on previous learning and ensures the progression of knowledge and skills. They will gain experience and skills of a wide range of dimensions of music in a way that will enhance their learning opportunities, enabling them to use music in a wide variety of contexts.

Music Non Negotiables at Malvern Wells:-

We have developed a common approach to thinking like a Malvern Wells Musician covering the four key areas of Music:

Performing - singing, playing instruments, performing individually, in pairs, groups, classes and choirs.
Composing - creating our own, original compositions using voices and a range of instruments.
Transcribing - creating ways to record our compositions from basic shapes and symbols to using notation on staves, which will help us play and perform
our compositions.
Describing - listening and appraising a range of musical genres, from classical eras up to modern day musicians, giving our opinions on different genres, supported reasons.