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Our Christian value for this half term is Compassion.

Pilgrims Quest

Class 3 and 4's trip to Worcester Cathedral

On Wednesday Class 3 and 4 got an insight into what it’s like to be a pilgrim. We travelled to Worcester and met with children from other schools. Two representatives (Neve and Briar) had their feet washed when we arrived to symbolise the cleansing of their feet after the long journey. In groups, we took part in different activities; we toured the Cathedral and found out lots of information about the history of the magnificent building. We learnt about some remains that were found at the Cathedral, they belonged to Robert Sutton who had made a pilgrimage from Worcester to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, many years ago. In other activity, we discussed what we would take with us on a pilgrimage, considering what was important and what wasn’t. After lunch, we created some wonderful work in an art session. We had a lovely day and the children behaved impeccably.


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