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Our Christian value for this half term is 'Respect'.


Young Voices 2018

What a night! I can hand on heart say that all of the children and staff enjoyed the concert immensely! The night was made by the enthusiasm and excitement of the children. The choir danced their socks off, sang their hearts out and had a whale of a time. A highlight for Miss Newby, was getting a photo with Andy (Urban Strides dancer) for the choir!


I hope the parents had a great night and managed to find their child in the crowd!


Enjoy the photos and videos!


Miss Newby



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This term the Choir have been very busy performing all over Malvern: Upper Welland Methodist Church, All Saints for the Christingle and to the Malvern Wells Village Hall for their Sing-a-long service. Each performance was a success due to the support, participation and enthusiasm from our choir members. Due to your brilliant singing, we have been invited back to these events for 2018 and have been asked to perform at extra events in the upcoming year.

To check out the photographs from these events, look under the folder - Christmas 2017 - 2018.

Thank you!


From Mrs Forsyth and myself, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday. Choir members don't forget to practice your Young Voices songs and dance moves over the Christmas break!!!


Summer Term

Choir this term have BLOWN us away! The enthusiasm and dedication towards learning three new songs for performances this term was truly exemplary. The whole choir tackled each song with gusto. Mrs Forsyth and I are immensely proud of how the choir performed at the Summer Gala, and how, under pressure, and with a slight hiccup, they carried on (the show must go on...!) :-)

Next, came the Leavers service at All Saints, where without any warning, the choir were put on the spot and asked to sing an extra song - once again, the choir sang magnificently and sang their hearts out.

Well done to all of our choir members! We are proud to be your choir leaders!


Have a great summer! Practise the Young Voices songs for 2018 :-)

And don't forget to get you and your friends to sign up again in the Autumn term!

See you then...


Mrs Forsyth and myself are extremely pleased that so many children have returned to Choir club after the Easter break. We are all very excited for singing at the Summer gala and the Leavers service.


We are sooo extremely proud of our school choir at the moment - the dedication from the children and enthusiasm to learn new songs and do their best is just outstanding! Keep it up Malvern Wells!!!


Autum Term

The new academic year will soon be upon us and we are so excited to have new children join us. We have had lots of interest from children currently in Year 2 who will shortly be in Year 3 - please make sure you ask your parents to inform the school in september so that you can join Choir club, especially if you wish to take part in Young Voices January 2018 :-)

Easter Service at All Saints Church 4th April 2017

Wow! Mrs Forsyth and Miss Newby were blown away by the beautiful, harmonic singing of the Choir in Glorious, in today's (Tuesday 4th April 2017) service! Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the Choir to learn the song, and due to the attendance at Choir club after school, the Choir sounded the best yet.


We cannot wait for the Summer term and hope to see everyone back after the Easter holidays, relaxed, refreshed and ready to sing! :-)


And yes, our hearts were fit to burst.....bursting full of pride and love for our wonderful Choir! :-)


Enjoy the holidays!

Harvest Festival

Mrs Forsyth and Miss Newby are so proud of the entire Choir, who sang 'I am the Earth' absolutely beautifully at the Harvest festival last Wednesday. Well done!!! :-)


Christmas Fayre

Mrs Forsyth and Miss Newby congratulate the Choir on their outstanding performance at the school Christmas Fayre last Friday 2nd December. We particularly enjoyed your rendition of Love grows at Christmas time! Especially as you sang it without any backing music.


Malvern Link train station

We would also like to add how hard the Choir have worked to be ready for our numerous christmas performances, and how it paid off today (Monday 5th December 2016) when we sang at Malvern Link train station to raise money for Macmillan Cancer. The children stood in freezing temperatures to complete this selfless act, and we thank them for it! Thank you to Mrs Gillen and her team for inviting us and for the croissants and hot chocolate which kept us going throughout the morning.

Thank you also to everyone (parents, families and staff) who came and supported us, and to all the commuters who contributed to this good cause.


Mrs Gillen and her team have thoughtfully provided all Choir members who sang at the train station with a goody bag to say thank you - these will be handed out tomorrow (Tuesday 6th December 2016) by Miss Newby and Mrs Forsyth.





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Upper Welland Methodist Church 

The Choir sang their hearts out at the Upper Welland Methodist Church on Thursday 15th December 2016. With no music to accompany them, the children outdid themselves with their singing.  After singing for almost 40 minutes and delighting their audience, the children enjoyed conversing with their fantastic audience (thank you for joining in the singing!) and enjoyed squash and biscuits. Even the cold, damp walk back to school didn't damper their spirits. 


All Saints Church - Christingle

Mrs Forsyth and Miss Newby look forward to seeing our choir members at 3:30pm on Sunday 18th December 2016 in preparation for our final performance of this term, in which the choir will be performing Christmas carols for the congregation whilst enjoying the service between 4-5pm by Reverend Bruce. We hope you can join us in supporting the choir on Sunday...families and parents welcome! See you there.


Wow! What a terrific end to the Christmas term and all of our Christmas performances! Thank you to the choir members who sang at the Christingle on Sunday, and thank you to all of the parents, families and staff who joined us. 


Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! We look forward to seeing you all in January, and heading off to Young Voices (please see the reminder above).

Young Voices 2017

Wow! What an amazing experience! A long, tiring but rewarding day for Malvern Wells Primary School Choir. We all had a fantastic time singing along to all of the Young Voices songs, and we wore ourselves out with all the dance moves and were definitely ready for our tea by 5pm. The acts in the evening inspired us to keep going through the evening performance! The children absolutely loved Urban Strides, the Beatbox Collective, Natalie Williams and all of the other wonderful acts.


Thank you to all the children for spending their time practising and learning all of the songs and dance moves! Thank you to all the parents and family members that supported the Choir, and who came to watch the evening performance at the NEC Genting Arena.