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Our Christian value for this half term is Compassion.

Who’s Who

Head Teacher

Alison Earp


Assistant Head Teachers                                                

Louise Luckman and Jen Alford         



Stevie Sharrock                                           


Class 1                                                         Reception and Year 1

Jen Alford/Sara Hernandez                          Class Teachers

Kerry King                                                     Teaching Assistant

Tina Forsyth                                                  Teaching Assistant

Vicky Adams                                                 Teaching Assistant 


Class 2                                                         Years 1 and 2

Alison Dainty/Stevie Sharrock                      Class Teachers

Jan Groves                                                    Teaching Assistant


Class 3                                                         Years 3 and 4

Louise Luckman / Alison Myers                   Class Teachers

Louise Newby                                              Teaching Assistant


Class 4                                                         Years 5 and 6

Kif Cullerne                                                   Class Teacher

Helen Merrick                                               Teaching Assistant


School Secretary

Julie Matthews                                          


Lunchtime Supervisors

Jan Groves, Louise Newby, Claire Martin, Tina Forsyth, Vicky Adams



Nick Monkton