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Our value for this half term is 'Compassion'.

Who’s Who

Alison Earp                                                   Headteacher

Louise Luckman                                           Senior Teacher


Class 1                                                          Reception and Year 1

Jen Alford/ Stevie Sharrock                      Class Teachers

Kerry King                                                   Teaching Assistant

Tina Forsyth                                                Teaching Assistant

Sara Hernandez - Maternity Leave


Class 2                                                         Years 1 and 2

Alison Dainty                                              Class Teacher

Jan Groves                                                  Teaching Assistant


Class 3                                                         Years 3 and 4

Louise Luckman / Alison Myers               Class Teachers

Louise Newby                                            Teaching Assistant


Class 4                                                         Years 5 and 6

Kif Cullerne                                                Class Teacher

Helen Merrick                                            Teaching Assistant

Ann Geary                                                  Teaching Assistant

Lucy Richardson                                        Teaching Assistant


Julie Matthews                                           School Secretary


Jan Groves                                                 Lunchtime Supervisor

Louise Newby                                            Lunchtime Supervisor

Claire Martin                                              Lunchtime Supervisor  

Tina Forsyth                                               Lunchtime Supervisor

Ann Geary                                                  Lunchtime Supervisor


Nick Monkton                                           Caretaker